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Sustainability In The E&E Industry – Material Solutions For A Circular Economy


Niklas Meine, Marketing Segment Manager, Covestro

Frederik Kerstholt, Technical Product Manager, Covestro

Speaker Biographies | Company Profile

  • The Electrical, Electronics & Appliances Industry
  • Circular economy, Drivers for sustainability, regulations, customer demands, eco-labels
  • Makrolon® and Bayblend® polycarbonate grades from post-consumer recycled (PCR) and post-industrial recycled (PIR) materials
  • Polycarbonates based on ISCC Plus certified biomass
  • Case study, design guidelines and solutions



New Ways To Manage Heat – Makrolon® TC


Fabian Grote, Technical Marketing Manager, Covestro

Niklas Meine, Marketing Segment Manager, Covestro

Speaker Biographies| Company Profile

  • Introduction to thermal conductive polymers
  • Why thermally conductive polycarbonate can change heat management
  • Design for Sustainability with Makrolon TC
  • Heat management for Wi-Fi routers, electric vehicle batteries, connected devices and LED lighting
  • Showing case studies of commercially available products using Makrolon TC



Polycarbonate Solutions For Innovative And Sustainable IoT Devices


Niklas Meine, Marketing Segment Manager, Covestro

Fabian Grote, Technical Marketing Manager, Covestro

Speaker Biographies | Company Profile

  • IoT market and outlook
  • Applications in smart agriculture, smart cities, smart logistics and smart home
  • Material requirements for IoT devices in different environments
  • Material solutions for housing of IoT Devices
  • Design concepts for innovative IoT solutions


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Transformative Technologies in Electrification

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Designs & Material Solutions For Future EV Charging Stations

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Cabin Thermal Management For BEVs: Where Comfort Meets Energy Saving And Sustainability

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New Demands And Applications For Polymer Optics In General And Automotive Lighting

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Seamless Mobility – Meeting Future Interior Needs On Slim Design, Dynamic Lighting & Functional Integration

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New Opportunities For Styling & Functional Integration In Exterior Parts

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Empowering Electrification In Mobility With Polycarbonates


Overcoming Technical & Cost Challenges For Next Generation Automotive Batteries

Adhesive And Sealing Systems For High-Voltage Batteries In Electric Vehicles

Understanding The Thermal And Safety Challenges In Next-Generation Battery Packs

Why Immersed Battery Cooling

Monitoring Cell Temperature To Optimize Battery Performance And Design

Extending Battery Life of Electric Vehicle Fleets

Silicone Foams And Thermally Conductive Silicones In Battery Pack Assembly

Simulation To Aid Design: Accurately Predicting Thermal Performance And State Of Health Of A Battery Pack

Methodology For Modelling And Simulating Battery Thermal Runaway Events

Thermal Interface Materials – Gap Filler Liquids For Battery Systems

Specifying Thermal Management Solutions For Battery Pack Design

Battery Thermal Comfort: A Multi-Component Approach

If your company is interesting in hosting or sponsoring a webinar or virtual workshop as part of this years Battery Thermal Management Innovation Webinar Series please reach out to us USA +1 (313) 799 2911 or Europe +44 (0)7932 631 029

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